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Stolen Lives Demonstration (04/08/22)

Nothing could've emotionally prepared us for the demonstration on the 8th of April. A Ukrainian artist Sergiy Kyrychenko, organized an event in memory of children that died during the war. About 200 pairs of children's shoes were displayed in Boston Common to commemorate every lost child.

Video by Mark Edinsky. Poem by Valeriia Vovk "Маленькі Ніжки".

I was asked to read the poem that I wrote days before Sergiy contacted me about the demonstration. I wrote it while taking a walk after seeing the first photos of killed children.

Valeriia Vovk reads her poem "Маленькі Ніжки" ("Little Feet")

English Translation

Little feet, why have you stoped moving?

Why have you frozen like the life has left you?

Yesterday you were jumping, and running,

And cheering the hearts of your parents.

The spring is here! You should bee running to the field!

You should be playing in the untouched grass.

And in the evening return back home

To the warm arms of your mothers.

Little feet and little body -

Little home for a big soul.

It must've left to a place

Where the sounds of war can't be heard

I'm filled with anger every time I see you

And I'll be seeing till the day I die

In every face of a Russian person

A lifeless body of a Ukrainian child.

People gather in Boston Common to stand in memory of Ukrainian children who died from Russian agression.

Over 200 pairs of children's shoes were displayed in memory of children who died in Ukraine during the war.

Paper angels in memory of every little "angel" who's life was taken.

Photo by Sean Sweeney.

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