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Fundraising Campaign For Ukraine (03/20/22)

The fundraising Campaign for Ukraine happened thanks to the joint efforts of Ukrainian Cultural Center of New England, Ukrainian Student Union of Boston, and all the donors, vendors, and everyone, who volunteered their time to be a part of this campaign!

Video by Mark Edinsky.


Vera Arnot, Svietlana Bilyakovska, Lera Shemi and Valeriia Vovk singing "Vesnyanka" by Lesya Dychko

Art Sale and Workshops

Children painting on the canvas made by Sergiy Kyrychenko.

Food Sale

Food Sale organized by Nika Chelnokova.

Together we have raised $11479,21!

All the proceeds were sent to support Ukraine through donations towards charities: “Razom for Ukraine” - a non-profit organization and to support logistic and medical operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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